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Why Orthotics?

We offer one of the widest ranges of foot wear and custom orthotic options.  We currently deal with all of the companies listed below.  Please click on the links to the right to view the different orthotic and orthotic footwear options that we can offer.  

Benefits of Digital Custom Orthotics 

3 Step Approach to Orthotic Prescription

1. Evaluate your pain

2. Evaluate your arch

3. Preform strength testing to ensure you receive the most appropriate orthotic

How Digital Custom Orthotics can help stop your back, knee, hip, ankle and foot pain.....

When your foot "rolls inward" this can result in a collapsing of your arch.  This foot roll can happen due to an injury, gaining weight, or just as we age.  When this occurs, this places additional pressure on are heel, the inside of our knee, our hip and our low back.  With time and repetitive usage this extra pressure can wear down these joints are start to cause a pain conditions.

The usage of orthotics helps to improve the arch in our foot allowing for reduced stress on the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back.