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What is Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Statement - Brain Injury Association of Canada

Brain Injury occurs suddenly and without notice. Instantly your life can be changed. This injury can cause an endless change in general life.

Brain Injury has become a significant medical and social consequence resulting in astronomical financial, social, and emotional costs.

Sidney Crosby relied on Chiropractic to help with his concussion. If it's good enough for the greatest hockey player of our time, isn't good enough for YOU?

Read More about Sidney's Treatment.  

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Specialized Digital Vestibular Testing.

Digital Computerized Posturography Testing

A common test preformed by both Chiropractors and Neurologists for concussion is called Rhomberg's Test. This evaluates sway due to vestibular issues. The problem is that the test is subjective to the doctor. Not anymore. We now have State of the Art digital technology that allows us to monitor your sway digitally, and then compare that to future readings if a suspected concussion occurs.  

Digital Computerized qEEG Testing


qEEG is an accurate diagnostic tool that is currently considered the Gold Standard for the diagnosis of Post Concussive Syndrome and Depression.

Speed/Agility Light Therapy

Speed and Agility Light Therapy Testing and Training.

This is the same system that the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays use to improve their athlete’s proprioception, hand eye coordination, balance and planned movements!

Cutting Edge Treatment Options for Concussion Patients!!